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There is a story which describes how the river Kaveri (also spelled Cauvery) arrived on earth by sage Agastya. Once due to hot whether in south his wife Lopamudra fainted. There were no rains and people suffered intensely. The lands became parched and cracks appeared. Animals and birds could not get food or water, their suffering was beyond words. All over the land there was sheer misery lack of food and water made life unbearable. Agastya felt sad and approached lord Shiva for help. Shiva gave him small amount of Ganga in his Kamandala (small pot which he was carrying) and said wherever you spill this water the river will flow from there.

Since a demon named Surapaduman (Later killed by Lord Murugan) wanted to destroy the south with no water and food, planned to take the kamandala from Agastya,

Lord Ganesha took a form of crow and disturbed Agastya, perched on the Kamadala and thrown the kamandala on earth. Ganesh drifting water from Kamandala After touching earth, the water drifted out of kamandala and took a form a river Kaveri

Friday, December 7, 2018

66 Crores Holy Waters of all 14 Worlds

Having become a river, Cauvery prays to God at

, " Sire, of all rivers in the world, Ganga is said to be the most sacred. Make me greater than her." - God replies, "
  1. Ganga is sacred because she starts from my feet. 
  2. You become more sacred, by having my entire self near you.

According to Agni Puraanam

“ShaTShaShTi kOti tIrthAni dvisaptha bhuvanEShu cha.
KEshavasya AjnayA yAnti thulAmAse marudvridhAm”

Sixty-six crore Holy Waters in all the 14 worlds come to stay in Cauvery
in the month of Tula by the Order of Lord Keshava.

Agasthiar the Disciple of Lord Murgan Being The Spouse of this Kaveri  and is Called Kumba Muni 


Tri Ranga

River Cauvery has formed three big islands on her journey from Talacauvery to join the Bay of Bengal Sea. The islands are Srirangapatna, Shivanasamudra in Karnataka and Srirangam in Tamil Nadu. All the three islands are pilgrimage centers with temples dedicated to Lord Ranganatha. These three temples are known as
  1. Adi Ranga/first Ranganatha at Srirangapatna,

  2. Madhya Ranga/Middle Ranganatha at Shivanasamudra and

  3. Anthya Ranga/Last Ranganatha at Srirangam.
It is believed that people who visit the three temples in one day gain moksha/Salvation.

Pancha Ranga

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Rigveda Lopamudra / Quote

In the Rig Veda (I 179 1–2) we find a long conversation between her and the sage Agasthya, her husband, as quoted by Brihaddevata.

According to the Mahabharata, Lopamudra was created by Agasthya and given as a daughter to the King of Vidarbha. The royal couple were delighted and gave Lopamudra the best cultural education. She was brought up in the midst of luxury. When she attained marriageable age Agasthya, who was under vows of celibacy and poverty, asked for her return. Lopamudra agreed and, renouncing all her worldly wealth and not apparently seeing any contradiction in the marriage, left with her husband for the hermitage.

Lopamudra is credited with two stanzas in a hymn dedicated to love where a strange dialogue is portrayed. Tired of her husband’s practices of austerity and continence, the wife, who had served faithfully for a long period, feels herself neglected and makes an impassioned appeal for his love and company. She writes:

For many long years in the past, both by day and by night,
And in the mornings, have I wearied myself serving you;
Now decay impairs the beauty of my limbs;What then?
—Let husbands approach their wives.
The ancient sages who attained truth,
And talked of truth with the very gods,
They did beget children, but did not break their penance
Therefore should the wives be approached by their husbands.